UX Designer

Westlaw Edge

Westlaw Edge

Westlaw Edge is a research platform for attorneys and legal professionals. We combine artificial intelligence with more than 100 years of attorney-edited annotations.

Since December 2017 I've been working on new features and enhancements for this leading legal research platform. This work is under NDA. Please contact me to learn more or get access to password-protected projects.

Here’s a high-level overview:


From defining problem spaces to creating high-fidelity prototypes with a designer and to moderating usability testing, I love to participate at all stages of the UX lifecycle. I am an advocate for working as quickly and collaboratively as we can, even in a complex legacy product.


Information architecture (my primary role):

  • Wireframes, interactive prototypes, content inventories

  • Defining root causes and identifying user needs

  • Creative problem solving and communication

  • Trying to find the best solution for business, tech, and the user

  • Being willing to try things, fail, and iterate

  • Working with research, visual design, FED, and accessibility


  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Discovery research within a design sprint

  • Moderating remote and in-person usability research

  • Affinity diagramming

  • Data synthesis


  • Defining problem spaces

  • Crafting process (I love to think about process!)

  • Collaboration

  • Being resourceful and finding the best tool for the job

MY commonly-used TOOLS

  • Axure

  • Sketch

  • InVision

  • Pen and paper

  • Whiteboards

  • WebEx