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In 2017 I worked remotely as a UX Design and Product Apprentice for 7 Cups, an on demand mental health and wellness startup that seeks to revolutionize mental health care. My projects involved usability evaluations of our product and competitor products, information architecture and design recommendations rooted in data. I collaborated with developers and designers (often in the form of wireframes and sketches), analyzed qualitative and quantitative data, performed usability testing, and ran a diary study with the teen users of 7 Cups. 

Project: Diary Study

For this study, participants (teen users of 7 Cups) were sent 6 diary prompts that explored concepts of community, retention, and product use. Before the Diary Study, a qualitative survey was opened to the teen community of 7 Cups. The survey had 15 open-ended questions and was completed by 225 members of the teen community. Participants were selected by willingness to participate, and were selected to show diversity in gender, age, location, Member vs. Listener status, and newer users vs. veteran 7 Cups users. 16 teens agreed to participate, and of this group, 9 completed at least 1 prompt.

Recommendations were based on the main themes that evolved from the study, including improving information architecture and flow, customization and personalization. 

Project: EARS Tool

Performed a heuristic evaluation and app flow analysis and created wireframes for a friendlier and more transparent onboarding of a partner app that collects sensor data.


Project: Landing page heuristic analysis and recommendations

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